Providing quilters dream batting for quilts and quilters since 1994.Quilters Dream Batting, cotton & polyester

Quilters Dream Batting
From Creekside Needleworks

Since 1994, we have proudly served the quilting community by selling Quilters Dream Cotton Batting — a batting I personally use and began selling because many quilters I met online found it difficult to obtain batting in their area. We love this quilters dream batting and continue selling it at our lowest possible price. We welcome you to place an order for Quilters Dream Batting online, by telephone, or by regular mail. In addition to Quilters Dream batting, we offer two patterns that are fast to create and make wonderful gifts for your quilting friends. Our service is prompt and courteous. We ship our batting and patterns the same day whenever possible and the only added charges are those for shipping and handling (we charge only what it costs us). We go the extra distance to please you.

Both weights, Request and Select by the bolt is now available in 15 yard bolts (instead of 30 yard rolls) of either 46" wide or 61" wide, folded on a board like fabric. They are easy to store, easy to handle and ship. Look in Request and Select for prices.

Norma McKone